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PREMIER COACH - Tips for Storing Your Motorhome

To maintain your motorhome, follow these suggestions when the vehicle is being stored:
  • Drive the motorhome once every 30 days for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Store the vehicle with full engine fluid levels.
  • Keep the fuel tank full to prevent condensation. In addition, adding fuel stabilizer will also aid in preventing condensation.
  • Keep the battery charge levels in top condition.
  • If your motorhome is equipped with a generator, make sure proper procedures are followed to either exercise or store the generator. Refer to the manufacturer's owner's manual for complete exercise and/or storage instructions.
  • Turn off the motorhome master battery switch.
  • We also recommend scattering dryer sheets throughout the coach to deter rodents!
Depending upon your area and where your recreational vehicle is stored, your motorhome may be a target for damage from rodents and insects. To protect your motorhome, never leave food inside the vehicle and make sure all surfaces are clean. You may want to place rodent control products in the vehicle during periods of storage. Mice especially can do a tremendous amount of damage to the drapes, cushions, etc. particularly in the winter months. Storing recreational vehicles in fields make them particularly inviting to rodents. Periodically inspect your vehicle during storage and seal off any areas which can offer an entry point to rodents or insects. But, please remember to remove any screens or tape you have used to seal openings before you use the motorhome again.

Special interest publications, such as articles and books offered through TL Enterprises (Trailer Life, Motorhome, etc.) can offer you additonal, practical advice on the proper storage of your vehicle. Damage from rodents or insects are NOT covered under your manufacturer's warranty.

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