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Rental Management Program


This program allows you to have your cake and eat it too!  Why not make money from renting your motorhome during the times you are unable to use it.   


v  Free outdoor storage - we will store it for you at no charge at our facility in Riverside, Missouri.

v Depreciation – most owners use a 5 year depreciation schedule for income tax purposes.  You can take as much as 52% during the first 2 years alone!

v Multiple tax advantages – included are deductions for incurred expense for the operation of the vehicle along with the interest paid on the bank loan and substantial depreciation of the vehicle itself.

v Expenses – you can deduct insurance premiums, maintenance costs and any upgrades you might want on your motorhome as they are now considered business expenses!

         (Please consult with your professional tax advisor for specific benefits that may apply to you.)


v Renters are screened extensively and given complete instruction both verbally and in written form as to proper use and maintenance of your unit.

v  Every unit is cleaned, full of water, propane and fuel, and inspected thoroughly before it leaves and upon its return. 

v  Renters pay for the unit in advance and leave a damage deposit of $1,500.00 per unit.

v  We may request a DMV report on renters and only those designated on the reservation application are permitted to drive your unit. Absolutely no one under 25 years of age may drive.  The renter understands that they are the responsible party and will be charged for any damage or repairs due to negligence. 


You will need to carry insurance on your vehicle while it is in our program.  Renters are responsible for their own insurance.


Just let us know 2 weeks in advance of when you want to use your unit and we will reserve that time for you.  When you pick it up, it will be ready to go with a full tank of fuel, water and propane.  The refrigerator and water heater will be lit; appliances and generator checked.  We simply ask that you return it in the same condition so that it is ready to go out for the next rental.  In the event that we have rented it for the time period that you want it, we will either switch them to another coach or cancel their rental.  You will always have the final say.


Our software program keeps track of every detail regarding mileage, generator hours and general maintenance allowing us to maintain it in the excellent manner in which you are accustomed.  These records will add to the value of your motorhome when you sell it!


Class “A” and class “C” units, respectively, rent most often and, in this area of the country, April-October is prime time. 


You own the vehicle; we work for you!  This great program allows you the fringe benefits of tax savings and free vacations while someone else helps you pay for your RV!  We simply ask that you purchase our tire warranty and extended warranty contract, which will preclude the renter or yourself from being stuck out of town with no one to do the necessary repairs on your motorhome.  This can also save you hundreds of dollars on expensive repairs.  (Unless you currently have one)


*             Vehicle Inspections*                      

*      All Maintenance*

*      Internal labor rate on all maintenance!

*      Free Storage

*      Rental Check In/Out

*      Reservation Process

*      Payment Processing

*      Monthly Statements

*      Marketing

*      Advertising

*      Warranty Claims

*      Insurance Claims

*      30 Minute Free Driving Lesson for Renter 

*Billed against income



This program runs from January to January.  After your term is up, your vehicle will have higher than normal mileage but, will be maintained with service records.  After the management period, you may wish to “trade up” for a new vehicle using the equity you have built up. (It is highly recommended that you apply all proceeds against principal to provide the highest equity position possible).


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