1/28/2013 10:47:44 AM
Acclimating your dog for the RV lifestyle!  
  • Get the pet acclimated with your recreational vehicle before you hit the road. Let them examine the space on their own to make them feel comfortable. 
  • Carry items that your pet is familiar with, such as their blanket, dog beds, toys etc. 
  • Use cargo crate, automobile pet harness, pet carrier, or pet booster seat to restrain your pet. This can save your pet from severe injuries or even from being killed during accidents or sudden stops. 
  • Carry ample amount of pet food while travelling in your recreational vehicle. You would hardly like to run short of foods for your little furry one, as you are enjoying in the RV campground. 
  • Keep a note of your vet’s phone number. Also, carry the pet’s medical records and consult with a local veterinarian in case there is an emergency. 
  • Let your pet stretch periodically and for this, take plenty of stops while on road. It is recommended to provide litter training to your pet and carry a portable litter tray. Even though, it would be wise to carry some carpet cleaners, floor cleaner and paper towels while RVing with your pet. 
  • Be thorough with the RV campground’s pet policies before your check in. Some RV campgrounds may have designated areas for dog walking, and you must only use them for your pet. 
  • Never leave the pet alone in the recreational vehicle, it is hazardous and the extreme climate inside may even kill your pet. You can appoint a pet day care service if you need to spend time away from your recreational vehicle.

And always obey the RV campground rules wherever you stay!

We are a "pet friendly" dealership - please bring your pets inside when visiting us (we event have treats!).

Thanks to That's Not Camping for this great article!

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