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3/11/2016 10:36:10 AM

You will want to start with a thorough exterior inspection.
Examine the outside, including the body and roof, for any cracks or separation and look inside for stains on the ceiling; these are sure signs of roof leaks. Look beneath the coach and/or tow vehicle for signs of fuel or other fluid leaks. 

Next, wash the RV with a specially formulated soap designed for the exterior. Premier Coach Services offers this an exterior wash for $3/foot. (Call Phil today to set up an appointment - 816-587-1500).   Work in the shade, since washing a hot surface can result in hard-to-remove spots and streaks. You can also use specialized wheel cleaners to make tires and trim look new.  

Air it out!  You will also want to vacuum the carpet, clean the floors and other surfaces as needed.

Then check your fluid and connections. Look for insect and rodent nests and chewed wires and hoses!  They like to nest in warm places and, unfortunately, your RV is one of them.   Check the amount of LP gas and test appliances for to see that they are functioning properly.

Next comes the freshwater tank.  You will want to drain and flush it by adding 1/4 cup of household bleach for each 15 gallons of capacity. Then fill the tank almost to capacity, leaving room for sloshing. Drive or tow the coach to mix the bleach. Run the hot water to get the bleach through the water heater. Then drain the freshwater tank. Refill, along with 1/4 cup of baking soda per 15 gallons. Drive or tow to mix the water, run the hot water, then drain and refill with fresh water. You will also want to test the water pump and water system, including the water heater.

For motor homes, generators and tow vehicles, be sure and change the oil and filter in addition to performing all recommended services listed in the owner's and maintenance manuals.

Batteries are SO important and should be check for electrolyte level.  Connections should be removed, cleaned and, after re-assembly, treated with an anti-corrosive product.

Lastly, make sure all of the lug nuts are secure, check tires for cracks and other damage and set inflation pressures. Trailers should have the wheel bearings repacked!

We would be happy to assist with any of these services!  
Give us a call today at 816-587-1500 or 866-426-2247 Toll Free

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