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3/29/2013 4:11:22 PM
Roughly 70% of the population is sensitive to the oils found in poison ivy, oak and sumac and if you've ever experienced the resulting rash you know first-hand just how bad it can be.  The rash from poison ivy/poison oak (Rhus dermatitis) can develop anywhere from 30 minutes to five days after the exposure, and can last anywhere from 10 days to three weeks. The timing and severity of the outbreak depends on how sensitive you are, how much contact was made with the poison plant, where exactly on your skin you were exposed, and if you've had a reaction before. (It may take more than a week to show up the first time you come in contact with the plant's oil, but it tends to develop more quickly with each outbreak.)  

The initial symptoms of poison oak/poison ivy include:

  • Itchy skin, red streaks or overall redness where the plant brushed against your skin.
  • A rash, small bumps or bigger hives (larger raised areas).
  • Blisters filled with fluid which may seep/leak.

More serious symptoms include:

  • Swelling of the face, mouth, neck, genitals or eyelids (which may prevent the eyes from opening).
  • Widespread, large blisters that ooze large amounts of fluid.

Keep in mind that the rash can develop in new areas over several days (though this nearly always does not mean that the oils have spread -- just that the urushiol is taking its time).  

What to do if you come in contact with any of these:

1. Wash yourself immediately with COLD water
2. As soon as possible after you can fully undress, take a shower with WARM WATER.
3. Wash your clothing and other items with HOT water (you might want to run it through twice or at least add
an extra rinse).

Comfort measures:  

Cool baths and cool compresses or rubbing affected area with an ice cube
The ever-popular Calamine lotion

Some over-the-counter, common household items:

  • oatmeal or cornstarch baths
  • baking soda and cold, brewed coffee
  • baking soda and white vinegar
  • calamine lotion
  • zinc acetate/zinc carbonate/zinc oxide
  • oral antihistamines
For mild rashes, wet compresses or soaking in cool water may be soothing. And as counter-intuitive as it may seem, extra-hot showers (with the water on hard) can actually feel great because it seems to relieve that deep itch.

When to get help!

If you are experiencing a more severe poison ivy reaction, specifically involving the face or the genital area, or there's significant swelling pain or irritation that disrupts sleep or daily activities, your doctor may prescribe steroids to help reduce the itching, and discomfort/pain.

Common Myth

POISON IVY MYTH: Have you heard that you can "catch" poison oak/ivy from someone who's infected? Not true! The rash will only spread to another person if you have oil on your hand and touch him or her. Once the oil has been removed from your skin, it is no longer possible to spread the rash to other areas of your body. The fluid that seeps from the sores/blisters brought on by poison ivy are not contagious. Assuming the urushiol (oil) has been completely washed off, one cannot catch or spread poison ivy/oak after it appears, because the oil from the plant has already been absorbed and/or washed off the skin.

We hope this has been helpful.  Now you can go out and ENJOY nature! 

Thank you Lori Wilson with SheKnows Home and Garden! 
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3/11/2013 11:00:20 AM
S'More Stations (or what I like to refer to as toasted treats on a stick) have been trending now for about the last 3 years and are truly a FUN addition to any party!      Dressed up for a wedding or formal party - not to worry; there are stations for every occasion.  Caterers are getting very creative with backdrops, setups, "flavored mallows," fruit infused chocolate, and various toppings such as nuts, coconut, ground expresso beans. Building them yourself is fun and brings back lots of fun camping memories but; of course, the best part is eatting them!  

Excecutive Chef Alexa Lemley of Lemley's Catering found that flavored marshmallows were such a big hit that she started a separate business along with her partner, Samantha Aulick, called 240sweet.  She states that "One of the most popular marshmallow creations is probably salted caramel with additional salt, ground pretzels, and chocolate; and vanilla is always popular. They make a beer marshmallow with a nice malty double bock beer and are always creating new flavors and making the experience more interesting.” 
How about throwing a backyard party and setting up a s'more station?    The sky's the limit.  You can draw on your own creativity or contact one of your local caterers to help you out with this. Whatever you do - HAVE FUN!

We got so excited that we've started a Board about s'more stations on our Pinterest Page - check it out and let us know your favorite!  Maybe we'll do this at our next campout.
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3/4/2013 10:37:22 AM
From whimsical to ultra modern to elegant...there's a little something for everyone when it comes to remodeling an Airstream trailer.  Let your imagination run wild!  We hope you enjoy the following pictures; they will definitely get your juices flowing!
  This particular remodel was done by architect Paul Welschmeyer to "camp the pants off anything else."  And I believe he has accomplished it!  It now sleeps four with a toilet and shower and enought storage for even the most hardcore camper.   This eclectic dining/kitchen area features a solar system providing power to all of the appliances with enough juice available to charge batteries.   

Courtney Trent of Good Cottage has been decking out Airstreams for years for New York actors and directors to use as mobile green rooms and on-set overnight accommodations. They’re remarkable examples of big design prowess in microcosmic spaces.  While she left some of the interior aluminum skin intact for this trailer, she added custom rubbed-wood veneer cabinets and hand-finished wood planks. The bathroom is all teak paneling.

The Formica-covered storage unit doors were removed and replaced with glass slides. A built-in bench with a comfy cushion and a wood-topped stool flank a custom-designed narrow mahogany dining table with hidden eaves that expand to create more eating surface. On the bottoms of the table legs are nailhead-like caps that allow the table to slide easily on the Flor wool carpet panels to create a workstation by the sofa.    One of the reasons people love these trailers so much is that they’re so versatile. Here is a traditional kitchen makeover with stylish wood floors, ceiling and furniture which enrich the vibe, while a tile backsplash, marble-inspired countertops and a chandelier make any notion of this being something you pull behind a car or truck melt away.

Premier has done "remodels" in our shop for years - for ideas and quotes on remodeling your RV, please contact Joe Vendegna at 816-587-1500 or 866-426-2247 Toll Free.   

Credit goes to Mitchell Parker of houzz.com for writing such an awesome article! 
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